Netgear wireless extender comes with the easy installation guide, that’s why it is prime choice of customers due to its lucid configuration and installation process. You need to follow some important steps to get your installation done .

1.You must connect your computer to the Ethernet port available on wireless extender with a working ethernet cable.

2.Due to its user friendly interface, it configures software of provided router automatically, so you don’t need to bother about it. You need to put wireless extender on power, connect to and get the installation done.

3.As soon as you enter the web interface of wireless extender, you will be asked to enter username and password.

4.Once you have successfully signed up,jump to the setup option and select settings.

5.If password is different from your router password then you wont be able to proceed further hence you have to change it so that it matches.

6. Click apply option given to save the settings. You can now connect your wireless device with the router.
You can also set up your wireless extender without an Ethernet port as in case of some netgear models

1.You need to reset the the extender setting back to default settings by long pressing factory settings button on the side panel.

2. In this case, you need to connect through wifi to your wireless extender.

3.Again login to web user interface of wireless extender by using

4.Enter essential login credentials ie username and password.

5. You need to follow set up wizard to set up a stable connection with your router.

There are various technical issues due to which you are not able to connect extender to router including incompatibility of router with extender, weak wifi connectivity or user is unable to connect to page so in this case you must check internet connection or contact mywifiext technical support.

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Netgear wireless extender setup – Getting started!
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