Brand recognized for its phenomenal attributes with which it has won the hearts of many and has become one of the reliable brands of the market.

The global networking company which has earned its name due to the efforts and advances in the features it carries out every year. The company has set up its base in San Jose California, United States of America. The two prominent features who laid the foundation of this company are Patrick Lo (Chairman and CEO) and Christin M.Gorjane(CFO). The globalization of its products hold a record with its marketing in about 30,000 retail locations around the globe. It has featured out broad product range- wireless, Ethernet and powerline.

Net gear WIFI extenders act as boosters of your prevailing network coverage, and enable devices like TV, smartphones, game consoles, to make a connection at a same time. Replaces the dead zones with the productive ones, provide us with the most efficient and reliable connection. Place it at a location where you witness poor network connection and let those zones transferred into fun zones after the complete setup. It’s the time to witness the speed you have looking for since so long.

Surround yourself with the efficiency of high signal strength provided by net gear WIFI extenders.



Netgear WIFI extenders act as boosters of your prevailing network coverage
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