There’s a quick and easy alternative to link your router with extender with NETGEAR GENIE automatically. Before you start anything, you really need to know your Internet Service Provider information. You have to ensure that your networking device as well as computer has set up mentioned here

1. Internet service Provider details for your Digital Subscriber Line account
2. Internet service Provider Login credentials.
3. Desired ISP address settings.

In case you are not able to find these details, you need to contact your internet service provider. When you are connected to internet, you don’t need to start ISP login process as your router will automatically launch it.

Netgear Genie runs on any computing device with web browser and just take 10-15 minutes for setup process hence highly compatible and time saving process.

You need to follow below mentioned steps to complete setup process

1.Switch on the router by pressing ON/OFF button on the panel so that you can initiate the process.

2.You have to ensure that router is connected to wireless device through a Ethernet cable as mentioned in NETGEAR EXTENDER SETUP.

3.Open a web browser, page that will be displayed depends upon whether you have used the router before.

4.Initially, when you have established an internet connection for your web browser, it directly jumps to and Netgear genie screen opens up.

5.Further Netgear genie will guide you to link router with internet.

6.Again, you can face various technical issues like if your web browser doesn’t show desired web page , you can follow following steps to resolve your problem.

1.Close the web browser and re launch it by clearing its cache.

2.If your device is set to a fixed IP address , alter it accordingly to pick up IP address from the router.

3.Make sure your router is getting full power and its Power Led is on.
Further you can also contact technical support if your issue is not resolved.

Support For Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear genie setup-quick and simple!
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