Low Connectivity Internet Needs Wi-Fi Range Extender
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As the complexity of the network increases and the area become wide, the speed of the Wi-Fi setup will definitely decrease. When you are having a low connectivity internet connection, you definitely need a Wi-Fi range extender to boost up the signals.

Moreover, detecting dead zones and remote areas in Wi-Fi setup become a tedious task. In such cases the devices to convert low connectivity in super-fast speed connection, devices are available.

Instead of going for antennas which keep changing their frequencies, it is better to attach the extender for removing the issues related to low connectivity. One other way is to change the base device which is responsible for the Wi-Fi signal. But if the connectivity of the internet connection goes low only sometimes then this is not a very good solution. However, repositioning of the device can be a better solution. Take the device to a place in your network where the signal strength is maximum.

You should avoid placing your device in an open area where there are chances that the device might get spoiled.
If you have the doubt that the network is shared by your neighbors then change reset the connection and change the password. It is one of the common reasons for getting low speed.

At last, to enjoy better internet services, maintain downloading at peak hours and restrict the number of devices under the tolerance power.