How To Reset Netgear Router Password
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To reset the Netgear Router, first, open the website and login into the website.

• Enter the router username and password when prompted.
• The default username is the admin. The default password is password.
• Click OK.
• The BASIC Home page displays.
• Select Wireless.
• Enter your new username in the Name (SSID) field.
• Enter your new password in the Password (Network Key) fields.
• Click the Apply button.
• Your changes are saved.
The Wi-Fi connection will be interrupted for a while but reload the page and enter the new password and try logging in.
If this option doesn’t work then Net Gear has smart wizard option. visit the website or take further online support for that.

Common Networking Issues :

The networking is very simple but if the precautions are not taken it can become the most complicated. Here we are mentioning a few networking issues:

  1. Cable Problem: The cable can have cuts in between which can interrupt signal transmission. This can even cause a short. Cable testers are available to check such issues.
  2. Connectivity Problem: Whenever you change the settings or a refresh occurs, make sure all the devices are connected and accepted the new settings.
  3. Excessive Network Collisions: The slowing down of speed is an indication of the network collisions. In this case , check the network setup/plan, a user transferring a lot of information.
  4. Software Problem: Network problems can often occur due to software configuration and settings. The too much use of network settings can cause network failure.
  5. Duplicate IP Addressing: A common problem in many networking environments is of  IP address settings. Keep track and a lot IP numbers in series..