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Netgear WiFi Extender Setup Wizard

Netgear Wifi Extender is an effective way to boosting wifi bandwidth. Our expert know the importance of a perfect and properly installed technology that boosts the internet. This website provides instructions on how to wirelessly connect to your NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender using manual setup after the NETGEAR WiFi Extender has been successfully connected to the wifi booster and obtained a valid connection.


You are unable to connect to the NETGEAR WiFi Extender manually (not via Reset), even though your Extender connected successfully to DP using the reset button.

When you are to connect the netgear WIFI extender (manually):

Netgear WIFI extender is a plug and play device (that can be tested in case of EX6100)

  1. Make use of your computer to connect to Router. In the address bar, type and further a pop up box will appear on your screen, in which your login details will be asked (username and password).
  2. Your default login credentials are; “MyWifi” in the username field and “Netgear” in the password field. Remember that both these username and password are case sensitive.
  3. After you are logged in, there go to setup and click on wireless settings. Under the security options, recheck the value in the password field. In case your password does not match with that of the password, make changes so that they match. Please check your current connection and try again and if still you face an issue, you can CHAT with our executives for help or call us at our toll free Number +1-855-439-4345.

Mywifiext Netgear Extender Setup

  1. Plug your range extender to power button, and wait till the device turns on.
  2. After you are connected. On the address bar of your browser type, and then press the enter button.
  3. Now click on new extender setup and it’s time to register your netgear Genie Setup. Create the required account.
  4. Later you will be asked, ‘how you want to use your extender’ there select the option of Wi-Fi range extender network.
  5. A list of wireless networks will appear. There select with the available network. Enter the password and select next.
  6. Now you can change your settings. Once you are done with the settings, restart all your devices and shift the extender to new position where it needs to be placed.

Netgear WIFI extender setup without an ether port:

(This you can test in case of WN1000RP)

  1. First you need to reset the settings of your WIFI extender, for this you need to hold it back to its factory default settings. For this, you need to press and hold factory setting button, present on the side panel for about 1-2 seconds.
  2. Through WIFI connect to your WIFI extender. Now in the address bar, type; a pop up box will appear where you will be asked to mention your login details- username and password. Your default login credentials are “MyWifiExt” in the username field and “Netgear” in the password field. Both these username and password are case sensitive.
  3. Follow the steps as mentioned in the setup wizard, to setup your connection to the router. Now reconnect all your WIFI devices to the range extender.

Steps to setup Netgear range extender:

(This you can test in case of WN1000RP)

  1. Plug in the extender and wait for a moment till the power LED turns green.
  2. On your wireless networking device, connect to the wireless network.
  3. Go to the web browser from the device, the browser will directly take you to the onscreen New Extender Setup.
  4. It will further serve you with a list of existing wireless networks, that are available within the range. Once your search gets completed a list will appear in front of you, displaying the names of all the wireless networks available . Select the new one that is not your existing wireless network you wish to extend .
  5. In case your new wireless network is enabled with security, a pop up box will appear where you will be asked to enter the passphrase.
  6. If the router supports the dual band, then you need to select, two network of your new network and then click on continue. But in case it does not select the option; My router does not support Dual band.
  7. You will be further asked to change the wireless settings of your Extender. And if you do not wish to make any sought of changes, click continue and then finalize the entire setup process.
  8. Do not forget to review , be sure that they are correct. Now connect your devices with the network.
  9. Once you are successfully connected. Go to the extender screen and there recheck the option. My wireless devices are connected to the extender network.
  10. After you are done with all the steps, click on finish button to close the entire setup page.

if still you face an issue, you can CHAT with our executives for help or call us at our toll free Number or on live Chat.

Increase your Network Speed With Different Types of Netgear range extender

Empower your dead regions with efficient network connectivity via WIFI range extenders. Due to certain barriers, the signal strength fails to cross certain regions where the networking connectivity is required. It may be due to metal appliances which come in its path, or due to some type of architectural interference. The brand offers extenders which are quite easy to install and are also quite affordable.

So it’s the time to amplify the prevailing signal strength with productive netgear Wi-Fi extenders. The prevailing signal strength gets nourished multiple times than it was before. They have the potential to enhance the speed of any sought of existing router. The entire setup takes hardly a few minutes to be installed.

In case if still you face an issue, you can CHAT with our executives for help or call us at our Toll free Number. We offer new extender setup support for below models

These extenders are certainly going to eliminate all the dead zones of your household and turn them into network efficient regions.

Technical Support For Netgear New Extender Setup At Your Door Step

Netgear is an established brand in selling its range of products required to setup internet set up for Wi-Fi or LAN mode. The small to big devices are available. The online support to ensure the smooth working of these devices is provided by the company. In case you are facing any issue with any of the devices, you can always ask for the support. The network of the executive’s location wise are there to assist you in case you are having an issue with the setup.

This helping attitude and to serve the customers after the sale is a unique model which is adding to the company ’s growth and in increasing further sales. The executives talking to you are trained in such a way that they fully understand your technical level and start guiding you as per your understanding of the networking terms.

Providing customer support is the main service of the company which has resulted in developing the large network of people all around the world. My personal experience says that buying Netgear devices are worth in terms of getting technical support from the company to make the device fully operational.

So, next time, you are going to purchase any of the internet setup related device, check with Netgear for best devices and post-sale services.

How To Setup Netgear Extender on ios or Mac OS

If you are looking for website to setup netgear range extender or want to connect your extender with mac os x or ios, then your are the right place for new extender setup. Mywifi is the page from where you can configure your extender with mac os x or mac ios.

At setup page you can connect your extender with internet at long distance in your home. You can connect your mac or ios device with your netgear wifi booster. For further steps we suggest you to contact our netgear technician through chat or Toll free no.1-855-439-4345.

Netgear Extender Login

If you are facing netgear router login problems. Call Mywifiext Toll Free no. @1-855-439-4345 for netgear extender troubleshooting.

Netgear Default IP Address

NETGEAR Default IP Address is required to access extender configuration page. It plays the main role in New Extender Setup process. Without NETGEAR Default IP Address, admin interface of extender can’t be accessed. NETGEAR Extenders usually come with a manual which contains the model number, default username and password etc. It’s suggested to check the manual carefully to find NETGEAR Default IP Address.

Most of the users decide to install NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Setup for their home and office as NETGEAR offers various advanced range extenders. One such WiFi Range Extender is NETGEAR WN2000RPT which provides high bandwidth internet connections for computers, mobiles and laptops.

NETGEAR Ext Setup using is default login address for NETGEAR Extender Setup. Here are the steps to follow:

* Position NETGEAR Extender in an airy room

* Provide power supply to extender using the power adapter.

* Turn on a smart device like smartphone or tablet and connect to a WiFi network.

* Once connected, open a web browser.

* Fill NETGEAR default IP address in URL bar.

* NETGEAR Extender Login page will open.

* Choose the language you like and click on Next button.

* Enter the network password.

* Finally, click on Ok button. Now Netgear Extender has been setup properly.

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