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It can often be a trouble to watch recordings online, holding up until it is completely buffered can be painful procedure to sit through. It can take any longer than expected and get to be annoying to customers.To overcome such issues, you can now decide to opt for a Wi-Fi booster. With this gadget, the scope of the Wi-Fi sign is expanded and in this manner better spilling of recordings is allowed to your wireless gadgets. These gadgets are greatly simple to install and accompany systematic guidelines for use. Plug the gadget into the present switch and it instantly begins working without much exertion on your part. Now it has become easy to connect your home or office wireless ! Because you don’t have to run cable everywhere you need an internet connection.

Extend the range of your existing Wi-Fi network and remove the dead zones. Go freely with the wire you attached to that wall socket, now you can drag your tablet into the back yard or another person’s office and stay linked.
With the help of Wi-Fi range extenders and extensions you can expand a wireless from your office to the poolside and even your office crossway over town.
Don’t like running links? Neither does circuit repairmen, so mywifiext will help to charge you well for the delight. A wireless system can be set up with one reasonably economical gadget.

A Standard Guide For Setting Up Netgear Extenders

Services We Provide – wizard

The services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

Home Security

Welcome to Extender Setup for complete assistance from starting to end.The easiest demanding approach to connect the extender to a Wi-Fi system is by utilizing Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Routers and Switches

Save your time and money byShopping wireless routers and Ethernet switches for your home and businesses. We delivers creative switching solutions for shoppers.

NetGear Genie

Net Gear Genie is one of the easiest dashboard in order to manage, monitoring, and repairing your home network. Fixmywifiext range extenders are the gadgets which permit you to grow the system.

Storage & Security

we believe in providing high level of security for your home as well as office network. Ready DATA is a bound together storing (NAS/SAN) stage offering responsibility class worth free from the expenses andrequirements of conventional.

Find a WIFI Booster

It can often be a trouble to watch recordings online; holding up until it is completely buffered can be painful procedure to sit through. It can take any longer thanexpected and get to be annoying to customers.

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We have a team of our experts who all are well proficient in fixing up all the issues of Range Extender/ Wireless internet,so only thing which you need to do is just make yourself feel comfortable to give us a call.

Netgear Wi-Fi range extenders are plug and play network appliances. All you need to do is plug in the extender to the wall and login to From here, you are directed to the setup where you can configure your range extender within a few steps.

Generally, there are two standard ways of hooking up the wireless extender to an existing network: Through WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), or Manually through My Wifi Ext setup

How to login to

First of all, plug the extender to a power outlet. Remember to place it as close as possible to the main router. On your computer, open a browser. You will be automatically taken to the setup page where you can set-up your extender by following a few easy steps. If not, go to the address bar of your browser (where you have the URLs written (such as and type in

Now, you will be asked for a user name and password. If you have not changed these credentials use the below mentioned default one:-


PASSWORD: password

Simply follow the easy instructions and you will be able to make the extender up and running.

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Frequently asked questions? (FAQ)

I had lost my netgear wifi range extender’s installation CD , now how to install it?
To install netgear range extender, there is no need to have installation CD. You can do it by two ways. You can install extender by just pressing WPS button. By pressing it, you will be prompted to netgear wifi setup wizard . You can also install netgear wi-fi range extender by opening setup page for your extender on web browser. In case, having any problem you can contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345.
What is maximum distance upto which I can place my netgear extender from netgear router?
After installation of netgear extenders, next question which strike in our mind is distance between netgear wifi extender and router. It is advised to place extender halfway between router network. By placing router extender in that way, will boost wifi range in opposite direction. And by this you can use netgear wifi extenders in more appropriate manner. In case, having any problem you can contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345.
What is use of wifi protected setup?
Wifi protected setup’s purpose is to protect our network . By it user can easily setup netgear wireless extenders without installation disk. But functioning of wifi protected setup, it is required that router and modem should have to be compatible with it. WPS automatically setup random network name (SSID) and strong WPA wireless security for wireless routers, access point , computers, adapters, Wi-Fi phones, and other electronic devices. In case, having any problem you can contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345
How to install netgear range extender using manual setup?
It is quite easy to setup netgear wireless extenders with your modem or router. You can also take help from our website If still you are facing problem while installing extender, then you have to contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345. Because it can be due to router extender communication issue or any malicious software on connecting computer causing issue. In case, having any problem you can contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345.
I forgot my wireless router password, how can I recover it?
If you have forgotten or lost the password required to access your NETGEAR router’s administrative web interface, please see Restoring a NETGEAR Router to Factory Default Settings. after that you can reconfigure your router and set a new password . In case, having any problem you can contact our technical team on toll free no. 1800-439-4345.


WWW.MYWIFIEXT.NET is a local web address used to get to the setup page or to open Netgear Smart Wizard on your computer screen for the initial setup of your Netgear Range you can say that MY Wifi EXT is not a regular internet website

sometimes when you try to get on Mywifiext for setting up your Netgear Range Extender you might receive an error message which says this site can’t be reached and theses can change from browser to browser i.e error message will be different for internet explorer , different for chrome , different for safari.and this will only open up when you device is either connected physically via ethernet or wirelessly.

Troubleshoot Issues :

  • Try using a different browser.
  • Connect your extender via ethernet cable and open on your browser.
  • Make sure your netgear range extender is connected to power.
  • Try reset your browser if is still not opening.
  • Try a static ip address for your computer.

Can’t access

if you are not able to get on that can be due to following reasons

  • You are not connected to your Netgear extender.
  • Your Netgear extender is not in the same room as your router.
  • Your Netgear extender is not connected to the power.
  • Your Netgear extender is not in default mode.
  • Netgear Extender have the wps button but router don’t have wps button.
  • Netgear Extender wireless settings don’t match the router wireless settings.
  • Outdated firmware on your Netgear Extender.
  • Sometimes it can be your browser issue also in that case try using some different browser
  • If still you are not able to get on you can try on your browser
  • Still not able to get on mywifiext then you can speak to a expert on 1800-439-4345.


In order to setup your Netgear range Extender manualy you need to open on your browser. it will directly take you to the New Extender Setup page from where you can follow the onscreen steps for setting up your netgear extender

Sometimes you might recevice a error message or screen which says you are not connected to range extender while getting on Mywifext this is because My wifi ext is not a regular internet site its a local web address used to open New Extender Setup Page or Genie Page or Netgear Smart Wizard of your Netgear Wireless Range Extender

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